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Four Out of Five Adults Experience Emotional Fatigue or Burnout From Online Dating (78.37%) – New Data Shows

New research released this month by data scientists at Singles Reports sheds new light on how online dating is affecting the mental health of adults in the United States

LAS VEGAS, April 1, 2022 ( – As many Americans turned to online dating during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE), serious concerns arose about the effects on the mental health of adults already emotionally vulnerable from the PHE. The Singles Reports data team studied adults aged 18-54 to determine the effects of online dating on adults in the U.S. and to identify meaningful trends.

Some of the most impactful results of the data were:

  • Nearly four out of five adults aged 18-54 experienced some degree of emotional fatigue or burnout from online dating (78.37%). 
  • Adults aged 25-34 were the most likely age bracket to experience some degree of emotional fatigue or burnout from online dating.
  • Males were slightly more likely than females to experience some degree of emotional fatigue or burnout from online dating (29.13% versus 26.00%, respectively).
  • Females aged 45-54 were the least likely to experience emotional fatigue or burnout ‘often.’ However, they were also the most likely age and gender group to experience those feelings ‘occasionally.’ 

Source: Singles Reports Data Study – Emotional Fatigue and Burnout in Online Dating


The study is a first of its kind that offers unique insight into the effects of online dating on the adult population of the United States. Additionally, the study may provide solace to singles who have experienced these feelings but may feel they’re alone or in the minority. 

About Singles ReportsSingles Reports is a Las Vegas, NV-based data analytics company specializing in trends in the online dating industry. For questions, quotes, or additional study information, please email

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