Twitter suspended anti-child exploitation group, “Gays Against Groomers”

"They are scared of our movement because of how quickly we have grown and how effective our voices will be in ending this insanity."

Phoenix – Earlier this week the online group “Gays Against Groomers,” an organization which strongly opposes the sexual exploitation and indoctrination of children in the LGBT community published a statement on Twitter announcing their Twitter account had be suspended earlier.
In their statement, Gays Against Groomers announced,” Its very alarming and sad that our coalition, which is comprised solely of members of the LGBT community, has been silenced by Twitter in an apparent attempt to protect those who seek to hurt and abuse children, and using community to do so.”

Gays Against Groomers also said in a separate Tweet, they changed their display name to “Gays Against Gr👀👀mers” to appease Twitter from” Gays Against Groomers.”

The group believes the progress the LGBT community has made for equality is being harmed by woke activists who seek to promote the sexual exploitation of children. “These woke activists who have hijacked our community are setting us back miles and doing irreperable harm not only
to children, but to our name and good standing in society. Decades of fighting for equality under the law is being erased by them in just a matter of months,” continued Gays Against Groomers in their statement on Twitter.

Gays Against Groomers also added in their press release on Twitter that they believe Twitter uses the LGBT community as “props to usher in their radical political ideology” and that “The LGBT is not a monolith. Those pushing and defending this ideology do not represent the us, and we deserve a platform to say so.”

UPDATE: Originally, Clinical Times reported that Gays Against Groomers nor Twitter had not made it clear as to Gays Against Groomers account was suspended. Since the original report, Twitter has yet to respond to repeated attempts for comment. Still, it appears that Gays Against Groomers Twitter account was suspended for violating Twitter’s rule on “hateful conduct,” according to screenshots provided by Gays Against Groomers to Clinical Times. Gays Against Groomers also told Clinical Times, “We were notified through email that our account had been locked unless we deleted a tweet.” The organization continued to say to Clinical Times, “They are scared of our movement because of how quickly we have grown and how effective our voices will be in ending this insanity.” Additionally, the screenshots Gays Against Groomers provided to Clinical Times shows the tweet that caused their suspension. The Tweet said:

“Damaged people damage people. The internet is a dangerous place for kids, especially when you have radical alphabet activists openly grooming them. Protect your children from these people at all costs. #GaysAgainstGroomers.”

Gays Against Groomers @againstgroomers
Courtesy of Gays Against Groomers

*Editors Note: Clinical Times made an error in publishing this article. The original post said “anti-child exploration.” The story has been corrected to reflect “anti-child exploitation.”

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